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Forest of Tides Page 48
Sigh. Goblin Girl. All you had to do is detect the fully grown 6'4'' human in the bushes, stop him from attacking and then fight him off with your bare hands before he could take out one of the goats. And you couldn't  even manage that. What do you have to say for yourself?

Goblin Girl: Um...I uh...

Quit mumbling, nobody asked you! 

Goblin Girl: But I...everything happened so fast...

And then you ran to ask help. My God, I'm disgusted by you. 

Goblin Girl: Cries.

Wow, the narrator is an asshole! Thing as escalating howerver. Looks Like Ray wants to fry something that isn't really his. Or is it? How will he get out of this predicament? Eye am excited to see.

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