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The Forest Temple
"Deep within the woods, an ancient temple rests in silence.  Vines have taken over and the stone begins to crack.  Odd pillars hide most of the entrances. 

The Forest Temple is a small pyramid-shaped structure that appears to have only one floor.  Inside, a strange fountain is filled with a black liquid.  Rumors say ichor. 

Either way, the silence within is deafening.  What secrets await within the forest temple?  Is it hiding something more?  Who watches over it?" 

The Forest Temple is designed to be a very fun map for combat.  Inside the temple, a large area provides a great area for the combat to start.  This large room begins to sneak away into oddly-shaped corners behind pillars.  Each entrance has oddly-shaped pillars allowing for fun hallways, entrances, and exits.  If you do use this map for combat, be sure to use monsters that will use the entire space.  It will add to the fun.  Enjoy!

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