ForestArgent - "Never Was There a Tale of More Woe"
Morning Patreons!

As you may have noticed, after each event I put up a write up of what happened with a copy of the plot so that people can look through it and see how it went, hopefully learn from the event. 

(Please note, that due to the club having an AGM in the afternoon, this was a short day)

So, what was the plot this time?

Melnisia is a land of crazy eternal non-humans, who have gone mad with perceived power and immortality and keep everyone else as slaves.

They are structured into houses, with little movement and a long standing history of antagonism between the houses.

There fore we thought it would be a wonderful place to set a rather warped version of Romeo and Juliet. 

Two young (for their race) Melnisians have run off together from opposing houses together. 

Faithful servants have got in outsiders to try and bring them back before their family notices and the families declare war on each other.

However... war is exactly what these two young lovers are counting on....

So, how did it go?


 - Short day, people were slow to get ready and there was some late arrivals, with an already short day this was problematic.

 - A prop was forgotten and another took longer to set up than we hoped, but we worked around it.

 - We had to cut an encounter, not *VITAL* but would have been useful.


 - Combat was dangerous, at one point the entire party almost died.

 - The characters thought long and hard about what they were going to do and how they were going to do it.

 - The NPC's were well played by the crew, family natures were pretty well shown and costumed. 

 - The traps went down well, with a few new props (just bells, but useful) making the players think a bit.

 - We had to adlib at one point due to time restraints, rewriting the spiral trap, but the alternative has created a plot hook that may be chased in the future.