Forge World releases 1k Sons Upgrade Kits
I think this has been long overdue!  The Thousand Sons is one of the most interesting Legions from the original 30k fiction.  They are tragic heroes who wanted to help mankind right up until they were betrayed and forced to flee their dying world by their former brothers.  They have also had the most interesting legion structure and ranking system, in my opinion.  Also, each of the legionnaires could wield magic and the power of the warp.  It's just bananas.  

Now, in the 40k fiction, they're all empty, mindless suits of armor with the dust of their vaporized owners swirling about inside, led by a few powerful sorcerors.  I've always found the idea of 30k Thousand Sons to be super interesting, and now anyone can build them up!  

Which makes me want to buy an upgrade kit and do a Taetorial for them using the Betrayal at Calth figures as foundation.  Who's with me???

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