Forget Me not Review

How much can I praise a book? Well I found out while writing this review. It's always kind of weird for me whenever I review a book. Who am I to write this review? This person took the freaking time to write a whole book. A book!

I always take too long writing these things. I worry about my poor grammar. I over think trying to word the feelings evoked. It's kinda scary.  Thankfully I have Jasmine helping out with editing after it's all said and done. But I still worry. I'm getting better, but it's going to take some time.

I think I did a good job with this one. It was hard because to review this book too closely is to give away too much. I just wanted to praise and endorse this, so my readers would hopefully stop midway through my post and just go buy it.

Seriously go buy it:

A little while after I posted the review the author messaged me on twitter and thanked me for the review (OMG!) and clarified the one problem I had with it.  I was flattered that she was flattered. I was kind of shocked and thankful that she took the time to immediately answer the one issue I had with the book. She really cares about her work and it showed. I think I adored her a little bit more as a reader for it.

Forget Me not touched me. It was a great read and I found myself thanking her for it over and over again as I responded to her. Allison even agreed to do an interview with us!!!! 

This is why I do Nardio. To find great work and promote it. To make friends with insanely talented creators and promote them to the best of my ability. To be inspired and share that feeling with people.

Thank you very much Allison Whitmore. Your book was amazing and I can't wait to read more of your work.

Thank you.