Forgive Me for Not Posting
Forgive me for not posting for the past several days.  I have been working extra hours at my day job.  I would have to do that less with your support for my work! ;)  Don't forget that all Patrons get an automatic discount at my Etsy shop, access to Patron-only features and content, and all kinds of extra benefits, especially when milestones are reached.

It has been suggested to me that perhaps I am doing too much under one banner.  Are you going to get value for your dollar if I spend the whole month doing witchy stuff, when you're a geeky-stuff fan?  I would answer that I produce a lot of creative output -- several times almost everyone else I know -- so I think it balances out in the wash.

If that still doesn't convince you, I would say that perhaps you might want to consider a smaller Patronage then?  If you would have contributed $5, contribute $2 and see if it was worth your effort.

New Etsy discount code is going up for Patrons today.  It's a little higher than it was last month.  So now's a great time to show your support!  Thanks.