Forgotten Paradise 0.12 for Public

 Hey guys. I am super excited to present to you 0.12 update for Forgotten Paradise.

This is the absolute biggest update I've done so far, I am actually shocked I managed to do so many things on the game this month.

Without further ado:

New stuff in 0.12: 

  • 250+ rendered images (including the animations).
  • Lots of new characters and locations.
  • A better looking choice screen, buttons and text. (example below)

  • 3 new music tracks.
  • Improved credit screen and fixed a few bugs associated with it.
  • The scroll wheel now moves you forward(up) and backwards(down) through the text in the game. The History screen is now only accessible through the button on the bottom right.
  • More sharp and better quality images, also improved some of the old side character images.
  • Updated the main menu with the main character's new clothes accordingly.
  • A few scenes from the alternative route.
  • Another birth this version to a very important character.
  • One of your choices can lead to a bad end (#3).
  • Around 7 new sex scenes, including: 2 Vaginal,2 Foot Fetish,Blowjob, Handjob, Anilingus;
  • Fixed an issue back from 0.10 where you'd visit Elyse and Zoey and then Chloe and instead of moving on it would prompt you to visit Elyse and Zoey again. That has been fixed now.



Mega links:  PC, MAC;

Google drive links: PC, MAC;

  • Keep in mind that the MAC version is not tested if it works properly and will not be supported for bug fixes for now.
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