Forgotten Paradise 0.13 for Public

 Hey everyone! Welcome to version 0.13 of Forgotten Paradise. 


  • ~250 rendered images (including the animations).
  • New sex scenes include: A Netorare scene(choice appears only if enabled from the Options menu), Blowjob, Boobjob, Vaginal sex scenes, Cunniliungus;
  • New very important character makes an appearance:

  • New locations.
  • New sound effects.
  • 2 new bad endings.
  • I now render the scenes with an extra option enabled (which I haven't used until now because I didn't use the Beta software of DS) It's called Post Denoiser. It basically removes all noise from rendered scenes. I used to render for hours some images and then have to go in Photoshop to deal with the noise further, but that is no longer a problem and it helps a ton with rendering.
  • Updated the 0.13 Walkthrough to represent the new font and style inside the game itself.
  • The MC transformation to the female body is NOT permanent. The plan is just for 1 update. 

Fixes include:

  • Some dialogue correction from previous versions. 
  • Fixed an error that pops up if you've gone with "Push him away" choice back when the Alien Queen invaded the ship.
  • Added additional dialogue from your meeting with the Alien Queen in the last version, thanks to a patron feedback. The added dialogue is only if you have slept with the Queen before on her ship.



Mega links:  PC, MAC;

Google drive links: PC, MAC;

  • Keep in mind that the MAC version is not tested if it works properly and will not be supported for bug fixes for now.
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