Forgotten Platform Response to the "Justice Democrats"
I cited these proposals a while ago in a stream and forgot to post them here on Patreon. For those that remember or care here is what I have to offer for policy guidelines. I realize most of these things can't be translated into a bill but the focus of "reformists" should be on topics such as the ones mentioned.

1. Pass a constitutional amendment to combat federal and state political corruption.

2. Pass new regulations on the financial sector to combat fraud, corruption and preventable economic crisis.

3. Enforce existing antitrust laws on corporations and banks. Break up all corporations that fall outside the bounds of antitrust law. Break up all banks that routinely defraud Americans.

4. Pass new regulations to prevent the exploitation of "tax havens" by corporations and the wealthy. Tax avoidance undermines the continuation of the United States.

5. Raise taxes on multi-millionaires and billionaires. Eliminate loop holes in the tax laws that exist for the convenience of millionaire tax avoidance.

6. America was founded on individualistic principles that were constitutionally codified and agreed upon by the Founding Fathers. Our fight is that of individual rights especially of those we disagree with but not at the expense of the Republic. We do not promote collectivism, collectivistic principles, special rights for particular groups and condemn flagrantly hypocritical principles that are based solely on superficial identifiers.

7. The means of censorship of art has been outsourced from Congressional committees to the private sector. We do not support "ratings boards" organizations or activist groups sponsored and funded by multi-national corporations that dictate entry of creative works into the free market. Artists should be free to create projects unmolested by the censorious and infrequently enforced vision of professional moralists.

8. Create a public option for healthcare insurance. A public option would force private sector innovation, drastically lower healthcare costs and provide insurance options for all Americas without the economic shocks that may accompany more drastic reform.

9. Allow importation of medical equipment and pharmaceutical drugs from high-quality manufacturers in order to stimulate competition which will lower healthcare costs.

10. Allow the US government to negotiate costs of all healthcare equipment and pharmaceuticals.

11. Eliminate the individual mandate for private insurers.

12. The primary focus of the United States Constitution, the American government, America politicians, and American activist organizations should be American citizens.

13. Stop making arguments from popularity, it doesn't justify the position. If what you're saying is popular it's only important if someone else says it isn't.