Hi Gang,  

Obviously I haven't been able to do too much with this Patreon page. Sorry for that. The issue has been that in order to pay the musicians a decent wage for recording, I've just got to have a lot larger following on here.

However some changes are coming to this Patreon and it's about to get a WHOLE lot more active! 

My long term goal as, well as a person on this planet, is to bring back the art of pre-WW2 jazz - particularly big band music. The goal is not only to create a big band that plays it at the level of bands from the 20s, 30s, and 40s (something that hasn't been accomplished since the 40s) but to also legitimize this music as an art form to the mainstream jazz world and to the concert-going public.  

So I'm going to reshape this page in the direction of making this happen. Phase 1 will be to get support to make the big band outstanding and sustainable. Phase 2 will involve creating a non-profit organization that functions alongside the band that does outreach and educational programs, and to eventually have our own venue here in NYC where we present not only our big band but other great early jazz artists as well.

So the focus is going to go away from supporting recordings (though we'll still release some live ones now and then). Instead we'll be asking you to help fund the development of the big band as a Patron. As a Patron of the band you'll get access to a content feed that I am creating via Patreon. It will include video, audio, and writing about jazz history, the inner workings of the band and the music industry in general, info about our projects before we tell the public, live streams of rehearsals and concerts, and more. I also want to make the community interactive, getting your feedback on what topics would be of interest to you, so I can customize the content to your interests.

I know a few of you may decide that the new format isn't for you, but I hope most of you will stick with us. I think you're going to love the direction we're going - instead of just getting some recordings you'll be supporting taking this music to a level it hasn't achieved in over 75 years.

More to come!