Former Vice President Joe Biden said Hillary Clinton faced a "double standard" in the presidential campaign and was at a "disadvantage."
Former VP Joe Biden is losing it!

He claims Hillary Clinton was at a disadvantage during the 2016 presidential campaign.

No Uncle Joe, it's because she lied under oath, secretly hid emails from the government then illegally deleted them, lied to the American people, took millions from foreign governments in the appearance of "donations" and was called half of America deplorable.

Stop making excuses. 

The double standard was how the DNC blatantly rigged it for her. Hillary was elected twice to the Senate and was Secretary of State. She also won the popular vote (granted due to NY and California) and the media was completely in the bag for her - let's not forget the questions were given to her before a debate. Spare me this garbage. Hillary was a terrible candidate in 2008 and worse this go around.

She had no message! Trump and Bernie Sanders were commanding 10,000+ people at their rallies. Enough with the excuses.

Continue to place blame for a democratic loss on ALL the other reasons except the main- she was out of touch with real Americans, she was NOT the role model lots of us wanted for 'The First Female President." As long as they continue to place blame versus taking responsibility, Republicans will win again, and again.

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