Forts & Castles, Complete
This is the largest map project I've done so far, with a massive amount of individual tileset pieces and a whole host of colour variations! (It seems like that happens every month at the moment) This is all hand drawn, onto about 26 bits of paper, scanned into photoshop and coloured digitally.

Its taken me far longer than I expected but I really like the results. I set out to make a tileset that was versatile and adaptable for running a game and creating scenes and encounters. Of course even now that I've finished there are things I would have loved to include and even though this is now “finished” I will still be tinkering with it in the future and adding bits. In fact as I increase the amount of tileset pieces I make hopefully everything will remain compatible. 

That’s the goal anyway! 

If you are already a patreon thank you so much for bearing with me on this, I do want to put out more maps per month and this month it seemed like all my attention was focused on this tilset. I definitely want to get more environmental tilesets and and done in the near future. As always, thanks for reading and if you make anything with this I’d love to see it! 

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