Forum and Reminder
The Forum is now open to the public! - 

I encourage all of you to join in! I've finally gotten my shit together, and made it much harder for spambots to log in and take over my forum. Suggestions very much appreciated for Topics, sub-forums, and the like. This forum, I believe, will be here to stay and will evolve over time.


So, I'm just noticing the livestream option that Patreon has given me. It's a YouTube exclusive thing, no Twitch involved. So, in future streams I'll start using that, and uploading the broadcasts to Twitch after the fact. It makes it available to only Patrons for as long as I want, so that works out fine.

However, my Life is Stream will be happening at at 7:00 PM EST on Sunday. Just a reminder. Since I'm not good at it, I will be doing the first several hundred streams public, until I'm told it's worth listening to.

I've been testing audio a lot lately, so you may find me doing a random broadcast. I'm not the only one in the house, so if you want me whispering in your ear, that'll be... fun.