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To all of my wonderful readers: I can't tell you often enough how thankful I am for this. Creating the fiction serial Adventurers is one of the most rewarding, engaging, and creatively challenging pursuits I've ever undertaken, and the fact that it lets me do what I've struggled to do for over a year now--make a living--is nothing short of amazing to me. Understand that this is the big project in my life right now. I want to take this thing as far as it will go, and I want to reward your support as much as I can. That's why I've come to announce two new features, one major and one minor, for all Patreon backers. Firstly, the minor one. Earlier today I asked backers if they wanted a forum. The answer was yes; now, you have one. There are sections for discussing the fiction serial, posting your art/fanart/writing, talking RPG shop, and running your own play-by-post roleplaying games. I'm hosting a freeform game myself! Check out the forums here: And now for the more major announcement. My serial never would have come into being without roleplaying games. Specifically, without that old school brand of roleplaying game that punished; the kind that looked on your character as an ant crawling on the face of an indifferent world of monsters, magic, and money. The kind of game where success was a factor of skill, cunning, and luck, and the absence of any could mean terrible death. But conversely--games where the right planning and the right tools could overcome any obstacle, no matter what it said on the character sheets. Those games are great. The actual rule systems often aren't. Which is why I am announcing the development of the Adventurers Roleplaying Game: an old-school sensibilities system where life is cheap, pain hurts, getting paid is king, and staying alive is God. And that's why I'm inviting all backers into the process. From now on, any $5+ contribution gets you not only that month's chapter of the serial--it gets you the full latest playtest builds of the Adventurers RPG system, along with markup and discussions of changes, as it undergoes development. And, of course, you'll get to be part of the playtesting process. No NDAs, no opaque submissions process--just open, honest dialogue with other players and with me. And when the whole thing's finished and ready for digital release, all backers who've been onboard will be eligible to get the final version free. The first documents will be released at the end of this month along with Book Three: The Gallows Coast. That makes four things backers will get access to at the end of the month: copies of all the chapters so far, plus the new playtest system. In other words, if you've got a friend who'd like this sort of thing, now's the best time to get them into it. And now, some miscellaneous announcements: Many of my regular followers know that I co-host the annual charity roleplaying marathon Aunty Paladin. Well, this year, unavoidable scheduling issues means the marathon couldn't go through as planned. However! We know people look forward to the streams, so last year's crew (including myself) are trying to figure out some special dates to run games for all you guys to watch. If we put it together, expect to see an announcement in this space. Additionally, the full amount of any new Patreon pledges for December will be donated to Child's Play. The gaming streams for this month will run at 3PM PST on Friday 5th, Friday 12th, Sunday 14th, Sunday 21st, and Sunday 28th. The next two Fridays will be Mount and Blade: With Fire and Sword. After that will most probably be Sid Meier's Pirates!, as refurbished and released for PC. If I reach the $1,200 funding level this month, the XCOM: Enemy Within blind text play will begin the week the counter surpasses the funding level. As always, thanks for reading! -Rutskarn
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