FOSS Post is Launching on Patreon

FOSS Post is now on Patreon. This is another step we're taking after our website redesign to continue expanding our independent open source publishing, and take it into new levels.

People think that FOSS Post is similar to other blogs and websites which specialize in open source; But that's not true. We do not, for example, publish uninteresting news, or low-effort posts or posts which are not needed by our audience. That's why, unlike all the other OSS media which have a stockpile of 5000-8000 low-effort posts, FOSS Post published only 140 articles so far, but thanks for them being high-quality, evergreen articles, they received more than 1,514,508 views. So that's an average of 11302 views per every article published on FOSS Post.

Our Full Linux Guide series is just an example of the content we publish; A complete A-Z set of articles on everything a new user shall need in his/her journey to Linux and open source. Deeper content is available in our analytics and reviews sections.

Additionally, we cover all the important open source and Linux news on our social media platforms (Telegram, Facebook, Twitter) and we publish direct links to the source instead of blogspam websites, to save you time and clicks. We also cover quick tips, memes and other content there.

What Can you Do?

For a price of just one cup of coffee per month, you will:

  • Get access to FOSS Post completely ad-free (A special account will be created for you on our website).
  • Get access to the private FOSS Post forum, where many internals are being discussed about FOSS Post and other OSS media, beside general open source issues.

Why Support Us?

  • If you are interested in creating an open source media that covers various important issues in open source, away from low-effort posts and thin-content like most websites out there, then we have the same cause.
  • Supporting us means that we'll be able to publish more content, dedicate more efforts and launch new platforms and services for our readers. We are already working on another interesting project related to information testing of open source. Your support will help us get these projects to the light.
  • You probably spend $5 on many less useful things during the duration of 1 month. It would be a good idea to invest it in a project that is actually useful to people on the Web instead of doing that.

On What We'll Spend The Money?

  • Hosting/Domain registration fees.
  • Paying for the 3rd-party services we use in our operations.
  • Dedicating writers to write high-quality content.
  • Spreading FOSS Post to reach new audience.
  • Creating new platforms/projects which we are working on.

We are thankful for all our supporters and readers who will join us! Looking forward to see all of you in the internal forums.