Fossil Canyon (Diddy Kong Racing) feat. ArnyUnderCover
 This is a long-time coming collaboration with guitarist extraordinaire ArnyUnderCover, bouncing around Latin Rock styles and lots of little percussion pieces! Diddy Kong Racing is easily  my favorite N64 racer, if not one of my top games and I'm absolutely thrilled to get to cover it with my buddy ArnyUnderCover!

Definitely check out his channel if you have not, it's full of gorgeous videos with tasty acoustic, electric, and even electronic tunes meshed together! I had a blast finishing this song for this week and I hope you all do too!

ALSO I've said this before but, massive thank you for your support lately! We've surpassed 2 goals within 2 months. More information to come soon about the Patreon Medley, where every Patron (including new ones in the next 2 weeks) gets a request for 1 big medley!