Fostering A Creative Community
Heading into the holidays reminds me of the importance of community. This can be a tough time for many of us, and it's good to have a community (and art) to lean on.
My art studio is not just about making and teaching art; it's also about building and fostering community. This is why we do introductions at the beginning of each class, and why I have a Meetup group.
Creative people need to be around creative people. Those who think they're not creative get kudos for stepping foot into their first art class, and they need to be around creative people even more! I always appreciate it when my "regular" students support the newbies. (That's life is all about, right? Those who are a little farther down the road helping those who are just starting out...)

All this talk of community leads me to my annual (Anti) Black Friday Paint Party and Potluck (that's a mouthful)!  I don't like shopping, I loathe crowds, and I don't like the whole idea of Black Friday. So a few years ago I decided that I would plan to be in the studio that day - I'd rather paint than shop!  I thought of how there must be others like me out there, so I put the word out - and I invited them to bring their left-overs from Thanksgiving. People showed up, we painted, ate, and a good time was had by all!
This will be the 4th year for this event, and the first one in my new space!
If you're craving some community, please join us on Friday November 23rd. The cost is just $10, and supplies are included!

Thank you for being a part of my creative community, and I hope to paint with you soon!