Great news! On February 21st, the USPS Consumer Affairs team was able to locate my package, which was just delivered today!

I'm sorry for not posting the news on the 21st, but I wanted to make 100% certain that it really was the right package, and that nothing went wrong again, causing more false hope.

So ... about the Patreon. I believe it would be a good idea to keep it going to try and fund the remaining ~300 PAL games I still need. If anyone is willing to help with that, it would be much appreciated.

My plan is to use 100% of the Patreon funds to purchase missing PAL games, preserve them, sell them back, and feed the money back into the pool. I'll be 100% transparent the entire time with the exact amounts of money on-hand, what money has been spent on, etc.

However, I would ask that anyone who signed up as patron for the purpose of helping to replace these games please go ahead and cancel your pledges. No one has been charged anything yet, so there shouldn't be any need for refunding. Or if you guys think it would be more prudent, I can try closing and reopening the Patreon to reset all patrons?

Regardless, thank you all so much for your generosity in offering to help support me when we believed this package was lost, and possibly into the future :D

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