The soul is a miracle. It is a state that is like the Garden of Eden. Biting the forbidden fruit and resorting to judgement lures us out of the Garden. We are tricked into believing we are no longer one with the infinite, eternal and divine. Lack of self-worth creeps in slowly. Attachment to the false identity and its need to offset a perceived lack of worth overtakes us quietly. We barely even recognize this as a problem. It’s difficult to fix because we don’t even know it’s there. The ironic thing is that the lack of worth is not real. The personality only thinks its real because of its judgement of how bad it feels when it lets go of its foundation. Building a comfortable foundation can be unconscious pride when the desire for control becomes more important than the soul and therefore more important than God. Placing spirituality somewhere other than first on our hierarchy of needs is a misunderstanding. What were to happen if we subtracted the soul out of the equation altogether? The hierarchy would collapse instantly because we wouldn’t even be alive. The life-breath of the soul is the single most fundamental requirement for our lives. We would be dead without it. We need to recognize this important fact and not allow unconscious pride to hide it. The personality gets comfortable with rejecting and burying the soul because everything around it indicates that it’s okay to do. Displacement of the soul is widespread in churches, schools, financial, political, and social systems. Just because everyone else is denying and suppressing the soul does not make everything alright. We need to speak up about it. This makes a joyful noise unto the Lord. The true identity needs to be first and foremost. No one can serve two masters (Luke 16:13). Neglecting the importance of the soul causes many downfalls. There’s no use trying to cover it up with a band-aid. Almost all of our foundations are based on a lack of self-worth. It is pervasive because we’ve been pretending the soul doesn’t matter. The intensity with which we defend against the soul is the evidence of our low self-esteem. The ease and convenience of keeping this in the dark is enticing. It costs us a diminished quality of life with madness and painful violence. Not dealing with the soul now also affects future generations. The personality’s craving for the comfort and security of a foundation seems harmless but it can be just the opposite. No one is recommending to change things overnight. We can however, slowly make progress together. We begin by slowly letting go of the personality’s need for foundation in exchange for the miracle of the soul.