Foundation exonerates William Haughey after 4 year fight to clear him. Haughey served 8 yrs 4 months
The Jeffrey Deskovic Foundation for Justice exonerated William Haughey this past May, 2016, who served 8 years and 4 months for an arson which he did not commit. The Foundation conducted an investigation and turned up evidence that the property that had caught fire had been caught on fire several times before and that other properties owned by the same owner had also caught fire. The exoneration also involved drilling down on the "arson science" used to convict him,  drafting a post conviction motion, exchanging a lot of information over the course of seven months with new Putnam County District Attorney Robert Tendy, with the end result that DA Tendy agreed that Haughey was actually innocent. The "arson" wasn't even an arson; it was likely an electrical fire.

After filing the post-conviction motion, it became clear that continuing to go forward would take much longer than simply temporarily withdrawing the motion and going to federal court, where Haughey had a Habeas Corpus Petition pending, with the cooperation of Putnam DA Tendy, and asking the federal judge to grant the writ of Habeas Corpus. This was done with the cooperation of Haughey's Habeas Attorney Ted Green.

This case took the Foundation 4 years to win.

Photo below: Celebration meal of William Haughey's release. Pictured: William Haughey; Jeffrey Deskovic; arson experts Bill Tulipane and Paul Roncallo.   

Here is some of the news coverage: ; ; ; ;   [number 12; season 1 episode 9. Jeff's story is # 15]

The incredible impact of helping someone regain their freedom who never should have lost it in the first place has no words. The Foundation would love to increase its capacity to work on exonerating even more people by hiring additional attorneys, investigators, and paralegals, but to do that we need to raise money. Therefore, the Foundation wants to express its undying appreciation of those who have become monthly patrons, but to also ask them to help us make our campaign go viral. We need our patrons to spread the word of our work via word of mouth, social media, and every possible means, and to help us recruit even more people to actively work as volunteers to help us make the campaign go viral, and for those people to help recruit others to help make it go viral etc....Soon we could achieve our goal of 25,000 people who contribute at least $3 a month every month to help us free the wrongfully convicted.