Foundation testifies at NYS Legislature in favor of the Commission On Prosecutor Conduct bill
A major cause of wrongful conviction is prosecutorial misconduct. Prosecutorial misconduct is out of hand because there prosecutors currently have no accountability. They have prosecutorial immunity which shields them from lawsuits, so that even if they withhold evidence of innocence, coerce witnesses, work hand in glove with experts, "show me what you want to prove and I will prove it", fail to correct perjured testimony, or any other type of misconduct, if it happened after arrest they are immune. Similarly, they currently face no criminal charges for engaging in same. They do not even have an independent board empowered to investigate misconduct to then make recommendations on punishment. The Commission on Prosecutor Conduct would be an independent investigative board. The prosecutors have been out in full force opposing the bill, even though judges have a similar oversight board called the Commission On Judicial Conduct. The Foundation, together with other advocates, have been trying to get the commission passed for the past five years, very nearly getting it passed the last two years.  Here is the link to the full hearing whereas the above video is simply the Foundation's testimony through its founder Jeffrey Deskovic: