Four New Entries!
This past week we put the vote to our Insiders ($12+ patrons) to select their favorites from the pitches our latest writer-recruits had to offer. So now we've added Psychedemia, The Aether Sea, and Sails Full of Stars to our roster! Check out the front page of this project at to see the details. (Looks like you guys love your weird-space settings like whoa.) Psychedemia came down to a tie-breaker vote by Paul Stefko, even. A real nailbiter! We also checked in to see if folks would be interested in us producing Venture City Powers, a sourcebook of pre-built powers and power suites for use with the system build in Venture City Stories. Massive approval! So we're going ahead with that as well. More to come in the weeks ahead, but let's have a look at what's come before. Don's Pitches: Paul's and Ed's: Richard and Dave's: Chris's: Bill's: Are there any "losing" pitches so far that you guys particularly wish we'd have a chance to produce as well? Should we put a "runners-up wild card" vote out there and see which ones are the most popular? Let us know in the comments. :)
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