Four of a Kind: 12
Hello Potatoes,

Welcome to the 12th Edition of Four of a Kind.
Today we have some lovely definition and critters. Including my girlfriend; Sweet Potato!

Although you may notice some consistencies in the definitions as we go along. Keep in mind that every definition is also beautifully diverse. I may have four boxes, but even with those boxes is a truly infinite amount of unique expression.
I find that we have this wonderful privilege of being hidden within the LGBTQIA+ community.
"A privilege?" You may ask...
Yes, a privilege. Because we are still an emerging community we have the wonderful ability to define ourself. To define our asexuality in only ways that we can. So that the emergence of asexual education may be so wonderfully representative of your unique selves.
That's the point of this whole project actually. To all of you who give me your entries.

Thank you,
~ Grace Procella

"Four of a Kind" is a poster series dedicated toward letting asexual folk define what their asexuality means to them. So as asexuality emerges to the forefront of the world we will be able to offer up these personalized anecdotes with which people can learn what asexuality truly means. The textbook definition can only go so far, but these individuals words are boundless.
If you would like to make your voice heard and be featured, send me your:
~ Specific Orientation
~ Personal Definition (Under 45 Words Please)
~ A Meaningful Quote (optional)
~ Preferred Portrayal