The Four Pillars + far-flung ideas
So, I've mentioned before that I have a lot of ideas. This is one of my two main ones that I really, really want to be able to focus on, because I think they're so important and could be so helpful for people.

This one is based around what I call The Four Pillars. These are four central ideas that I think God has especially revealed himself as in the Bible; and also who he calls us to be. These are: life, love, light, and truth. Each of these you can find in the Bible fairly easily; love - 1 John 4:8; light - John 8:12; life and truth - John 14:6. There are plenty of other references to each of these ideas throughout the Bible; as you can see, John particularly likes these ones.

What I want to do is write and record an album around each of these central ideas. The first of these is already written; it's called Living. I've started recording the scratch tracks for it, but haven't gotten very far at all (look here if you want to here more about that). The second of those I'm currently writing; at the moment, it's called God's Love Song.

I finished writing the album Living last year. The idea was to then record it this year, while writing the next album, and have an album launch at the end of the year; then doing the same over the following three years. At the end, it would be, in essence, a series, or cycle (because it works well as a cycle) of albums. That's what I wanted to do.

But right now, I can't do that. Because I don't have the money to be able to put into this; which means that I need to work, which means that I don't have the time to put into this.

And this is why I have this Patreon page. This is why I need your support, and your help, your ideas and suggestions as to how I can make this happen. I'm not wanting to do this to get my name and my brand out there - I hate advertising and branding. I'm wanting to do this to get these songs out there, because they are songs of life, and love, and light, and truth. And I think that's what people need.

So anything that you can do to help - whether it's through advice, or something that you can give, would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!