Four Years Later, NotGraphs Scribes Still Befuddled
Today marks the four-year anniversary of the final post on NotGraphs, fittingly titled NotGraphs: A Valedictory Statement. Is this a thing to be celebrated? Perhaps it's a matter of perspective. 

Certain numbers-hungry readers of FanGraphs - the parent site of NotGraphs - issued constant criticism for the whimsical spinoff. "Write real content" is something somebody probably said at some point. "Get off my lawn" yelled another disgruntled male (although you will not find this recorded on any of the archived pages).

Reached for interview, David G. Temple, who also oversaw the now-defunct TechGraphs blog, remains perplexed by the failure of NotGraphs. Per Temple:

On many occasions, we pierced the starry heavens of writing with award-worthy content. To this, we received scant praise from a small cult following of fanboys. Ironically, Patrick Dubuque's farewell post, One Hundred Pageviews of Solitude, actually received only 69 pageviews.

He elaborated by explaining the rules of curling to me for at least the fourth time. I don't really get it. I mean, I understand it. The rules are really simple. But I don't get it. You know what I mean, right?

No attempt was made to reach the site's editor-in-chief, Carson Cistulli, on account that doing so would include the tedious task of talking with Mr. Cistulli. However, an AI program fed one hundred of Mr. Cistulli's works suggests he would have said something to this effect:

A quote attributed to humorist PG Wodehouse laments the passing of all things past except corporeality apropos to little. The present author may feel woe, nay, dismay at the current state of affairs, lest a maudlin end be silently unobserved.

(according to a second program, the AI's comment was only five percent more inscrutable than a typical Cistullian paragraph)

One thing is certain. NotGraphs, formerly an operating website featuring the aimless ramblings of baseball humorists, is no longer operating. This truth has been... uh... true for four years.

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