Fox Box VR Oculus 0.2.22 Live
Re-enabled MP3 song title loader messages, not working right, but working...
Re-scaled most effects in all 4 stations to Oculus scale vs Cardboard scale
Re-evaluated preload assets to ease loading times, still not sure why Oculus scenes are so much slower than Cardboard/Daydream...
Adjusted various particle timings and effects
Lowered Live Audio Loop Time Drastically, should help the poor Oculus scene performance on older devices (S6).
Now on Unity v 5.5

Known Bugs:
HUD Errors Improving, but not done
Song still skips up one on initial scene load
Gamepad Right Stick X Axis still rotates the entire VR scene
Pressing Gear "Home" key followed by a pad tap, will exit existing scene (not intentional!)

We still love Cardboard for its performance!