FP. Trial by Fire: page 47
page 47 of Trial by Fire~ This one goes public on the site on Saturday 23rd!

I messed up the perspective in that top panel a little bit and it's annoying me immensely, but if I stop to fix it I'll start going back to attempt to fix -everything- and that rarely ends well lol

I'm rapidly running low on buffer pages because of my art challenge this month XD; On the plus side, I've drafted out the remainder of Trial by Fire and the start of the next chapter! (23 pages drafted so far, plus i finished this and page 48 near the start of the month)

Also today I drew up an ATC of Axinu, you can see that here :) - https://twitter.com/Feniiku_Arts/status/722523663979913216

Anyway, i'm super tired so this is all I'm gonna write here for now ^_^; Gotta go get some more pages sorted out!

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