(FR) Comment peindre : Grak & Crumbleberry
Dans cette vidéo je vous montres comment je m'y suis pris pour peindre ces starplayers de renoms ! 

Hésitez pas à faire tourner et partager mes vidéos ! ;) 

Et evidemment a nous soutenir sur Kickstarter ! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1778045168/escape-the-boardgame-2nd-edition-rebellion-and-rev

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Buy me a coffee !
$2 or more per month
I drink a lot of coffee because it helps me staying awake all day long for sculpting and painting.

Here you can buy me a coffee and I thank you a lot for this !

You will have access to all my tutorial videos.

Buy me painting buckets
$5 or more per month
Don't worry I already have a lot of paintings !

But as I'm going to paint a lot, thanks to you, I will have to renew my stock more often ;)

You will have access to all my tutorial videos

Lunch time !
$10 or more per month
By supporting me with $10, you will prevent me from starving ! 

I will reload the batteries at lunch time and provide you with even more videos :)

You will have access to all the rewards above plus access to the pdf booklet when unlocked  (it's the $1,000 strech goal).

Additionally one of the supporters who support me with $10 or more will be randomly picked to win one of the Eden releases each month that I would have painted.

I'll pick one additional person each time we reach 100 new supporters.

New brushes
$20 or more per month
With this amount I will be able to buy new brushes and sculpting tools when they'll get worn ! :)

You will have access to all the rewards above.

Plus at the beginning of each month, you will have access to a vote between three different miniatures in order to choose the one that will be included in the painting planning each month.

To the restaurant
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With your support I can take my girlfriend to the restaurant. Thanks to you, she will understand why I am spending so much time painting! 

And more important she will see the benefits of letting me paint even more for you :)

You will have access to all the rewards above.

Furthermore, each month you can send me pictures of one of your current painting and  I am going to give you some advices on to improve your miniature.

Patron of the Apocalypse
$75 or more per month
At this level you are currently helping me a lot to produce a lot of video and tutorials and this is totally awesome !

You will have access to all the rewards above.

Additionaly we will have two video calls of 30mn each, every month to talk about your paintings !

For those who will be able, you can switch your two monthly video calls to a 1hour session in our workshop in St-Ouen with me 

For the Pros !
$200 or more per month
You are a shop or even developping your own miniature game and you want to have a tutorial video for one of your minis. 

This tier is for you !

With this pledge, you can send me one of the mini you want me to paint once per month and I will do a tutorial video on this miniature.

As this tier is for Pro, you won't have access to the additional rewards granted for the lower pledges

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