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Bonjour mes boss ! 

De retour avec une vidéo en avance de quelques jours uniquement pour vous ! Cette fois c'est au tour du Golem d'acier nain de passer sous mes pinceaux  

Hésitez pas à commenter et à me donner vos avis sur mes vidéos ca fais plaisir ! 

Le late pledge de l'art de la miniature es dorénavant disponible par ici : http://www.eden-the-game.com/late-pledge-l-art-de-la-miniature-art1593.html


Hello my boss! 

Back with a video in advance of a few days just for you!

 This time it's the turn of the dwarf steel Golem to go under my brushes Feel free to comment and give me your opinion on my videos ca make fun!

 My paintin book : The Art of miniature art will be available soon in english ! so stay connected for more information soon 

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I drink a lot of coffee because it helps me staying awake all day long for sculpting and painting.

Here you can buy me a coffee and I thank you a lot for this !

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Additionally one of the supporters who support me with $10 or more will be randomly picked to win one of the Eden releases each month that I would have painted.

I'll pick one additional person each time we reach 100 new supporters.

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With this amount I will be able to buy new brushes and sculpting tools when they'll get worn ! :)

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Plus at the beginning of each month, you will have access to a vote between three different miniatures in order to choose the one that will be included in the painting planning each month.

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And more important she will see the benefits of letting me paint even more for you :)

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Furthermore, each month you can send me pictures of one of your current painting and  I am going to give you some advices on to improve your miniature.

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For those who will be able, you can switch your two monthly video calls to a 1hour session in our workshop in St-Ouen with me 

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You are a shop or even developping your own miniature game and you want to have a tutorial video for one of your minis. 

This tier is for you !

With this pledge, you can send me one of the mini you want me to paint once per month and I will do a tutorial video on this miniature.

As this tier is for Pro, you won't have access to the additional rewards granted for the lower pledges

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