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"Frame By Frame" (for reals!)
I know most of you saw the video from last month of me putting together my new song, "Frame By Frame". (if you haven't, do check it out when you can!) I realized though that the audio of that video was somewhat compromised in that the vocal was recorded while I was driving, the guitar was recorded in a hotel room and although I was able to piece them together, I felt maybe I should give you guys a clean version, start to finish, not just as a video but as an MP3 as well. I cracked out the old Blue Snowball mic and recorded this in the home office today. I've attached the MP3 for you guys to download as well. I really am fond of this tune and look forward to performing it live out on tour next month. 

please do share this link with others, continue to help spread the word about the Duty-Free Rock Star Extravaganza. I really do feel that the more folks tuning in, the merrier. 

thanks y'all!