Frame of the Day (FOTD 7/23)
Uptown Chicago is one of the last semi-central neighborhoods that still has some grit and teeth left. That grit has always been there. It had rapid expansion in the early 1900s as an area that was close to the lake and still affordable. It was known for its cracking nightlife, so rich folks would come up from downtown and party while immigrants flooded the area for affordable lakeside housing. 

Later the the fancy hotels became low income housing, and Reagan-era health care sent the mentally ill into the streets. 

The people that call this area home are as tough and beautiful as the terra cotta that adorns the 20s era buildings. 

The frame I captured here in front of the gorgeous Art Deco Uptown Post Office building was way underexposed (even for me) but I was able to salvage it

I dodged her face and added some contrast and was excited to see the level of detail preserved. I squared up the architecture she's standing in front of.

My Nikon can zap the image to my phone which is handy for in-the-moment editing and posting but it converts the RAW image to a mid sized jpeg so you might see some artifacts from that. Ill pull up the full sized image soon and we can see if it's too underexposed to make a large print.