Frameloss Magnets and New Rewards!
Ok, guys I know we have been a bit quiet lately and a lot has changed around Frameloss. First, I want to thank you for your support up to now, we love you all! Second we have some new rewards listed so please check them out. The Rocket League reward tier I think is going to be a lot of fun and just a chance to play with new people. 

Our Website is also doing very well right now with around 400 daily views as we grow our presence on the interwebs. If you have not had a chance please head over to and check out my sweet articles!

Last but not least we just got a whole bunch of really nice looking Frameloss magnets and have adjusted our 10$ tier to include those as well. If you are already donating 10$ a month lets us know and we will get you a magnet. Very exciting things are coming (I have a studio set up now and everything new content is on its way I promise!). Get Hype Stay Hype!

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