Frankenstein Monster
Mystery Play Internet Radio has reached a point to rather evolved into what I call my Frankenstein Monster! Some 13 years ago when I started MPIR it was for my personal enjoyment of old time radio. I couldn't believe that people from around the world was interested in the same kind of listening material. Fast forward to present day! Every day at any given time there is 150 to 300 simultaneous listeners from somewhere from around the world. And an average 400 daily downloads of the podcasts. A few months ago, I had some health issues and was not able to attend to MPIR, as needed. Changing out shows, creating playlists etc. A few listeners dropped off, but most remained. People hunger for good wholesome family entertainment! The more I create the more that is consumed. With your support through we can feed that hunger! That's the mission of Mystery Play Internet Radio to provide as many listeners as possible access to these nostalgic programs. Please become a patron and partner in this mission?
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