Franklin Garage Roof [Map Editor / SPG] 3.0
A new garage for Franklin on the roof of his villa.

In the garage there are 20 vehicles and 2 helicopters.
The entrance is in the usually garage of the villa.

You can store 10 Vehicles and have your Vehicle delivered to you simply by pressing F5!  


You need Map Editor by Guadmaz

If you just want to load maps
F7 -> load -> xml -> franklin_garage_roof
F7 -> load -> xml -> franklin_garage_roof_elevator

If you want car load
F7 -> load -> xml -> franklin_garage_roof_car

If you want the SPG version as well then you need Single Player Garage by mlgthatsme.
First copy the folder "franklin_garage_roof" in scripts/SinglePlayerGarage.
Restart the game

Then load the map whit Map Editor, you can put it in the scripts/AutoloadMaps folder to load it on startup.
F7 -> load -> xml -> franklin_garage_roof

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3.0: New dual entry exit, more wider, large comfortable.

2.0: The first version appeared to have problems in spawn some items to some users, so I made some substantive changes.
Different helipad
Completely closed roof
Added access to the roof via stairs or elevator
Elevator doors (forget in 1.0)

1.1: Correct position manage garage point