Franklin's Lake Party
A Lake Party, in a new Lake in front of Franklin home.

Is an evolution of this:, I had created to do a  test on the water running and I took just a couple of moles to see how  it worked, but it was a shame to leave it that way.

Now with a little more calm, I added a beach, located new bar, a  floating platform for concerts, disco and islands, and created a mega  Party on the Lake.


Download GTA 5 Franklin's Lake Party

Before opening the game, run OpenIV and go to edit mode, Navigate to common.rpf/data/level/GTA5
(BACKUP water.xml in case something went wrong)
And then replace it with the one included in the archive.

Then open game and load the franklin_Lake_Party file with the editor.
You need Map Editor by Guadmaz,
F7 -> load -> xml -> franklin_Lake_Party