The Freaking Geeks Podcast #51 - Star Wars: The Last Jedi

  The Freaking Geeks Podcast    Episode: 51    Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi Review  Directed by: Rian Johnson  Written by: Rian Johnson  Publishing Date: 1/6/2018  Podcast Email: [email protected]

Podcast Episode Summary:   Introduction  Talking Trailers Segment  One-Sentence Review  Overall Thoughts  In-Depth Breakdown & Analysis  Grading The Movie  Final Grade & Final Thoughts  
 Show Episode Recap:  Shortly after the events of Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens, Supreme Leader Snoke, General Hux and Kylo Ren are bent on ending the rebellion once and for all.  They manage to track General Leia's ship through hyperspace, forcing desperate measures from Poe Dameron.  

  Meanwhile, Rey finds Luke to be less than accomodating in her desire to both find a teacher and bring him back to help the rebellion.  She has a connection to Kylo Ren, facilitated by Snoke in order to manipulate both of them in order to bring Rey to him.  In doing so, she finds Kylo Ren to be a willing ally as he kills Snoke before he and Rey team up to take down the Guards.  However, she refuses his offer to join him.  

  Finn awakens from his short-lived coma to find Rey gone.  In his desperation to find and prevent her from returning to what appears to be a doomed enterprise, he meets Rose.  She is grieving the loss of her sister and sees Finn as a hero, even if he doesn't.  She helps formulate a plan for bring down the shields on Snoke's ship.  The trip to a planet full of war profiteers results in them meeting D.J., a hacker who gets them into Snoke's ship but eventually turns them into the First Order.  

 General Holdo, who has been acting as commanding officer after Leia was injured, finds herself at odds with Poe, who feels she is weak and possibly a traitor.  Ultimately she is neither when it is revealed that they are striking for an old rebel base on an abandoned planet.  She sacrifices herself by driving right at Snoke's ship by going into hyperspace. 

 The final act has everyone at the base, with Rey on her way back.  When all seems lost, Luke shows up ready to fight Kylo Ren.  However, Luke is not really there, but is simply projecting himself over a long distance in order to give everyone time to escape the base.  Luke's efforts ult  kill him in the end.   

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