Free 1.18 32x version

This free version will also get updated along with the paid version progress

Also here's the download for my 1.18 rp test map:


You can download the pack here:

Click on the files inside the folders individually to download them

  • Basic: all required essential vanilla textures
  • Addon: optional extra custom textures that fits vanilla gameplay
  • Bonus: optional extra custom textures that doesn't fit vanilla gameplay
  • Models: optional extra custom models, works with any res versions

The "basic" pack need to be loaded at the bottom (just above default pack), and the optional packs can be loaded on top in any order.

The extra grass in the "models" pack works best with shaders with LabPBR SSS texture compatibilities and feature enabled, or SEUS PTGI HRR and "Smooth Lighting" option disabled. Otherwise I don't recommend using it.

Please check the included "features list" text file inside each optional pack to see detail descriptions of what they add, or how to remove unwanted features in the "models" pack.

For Optifine users, make sure these settings are set correctly, or else the textures/models will get messed up:

  • "Quality Settings > Connected Textures" to Fancy
  • "Quality Settings > Natural Textures" to Off
  • "Quality Settings > Custom Colors" to On
  • "Quality Settings > Custom Entity Models" to On
  • "Quality Settings > Random Entities" to On
  • "Quality Settings > Anisotropic Filtering" to OFF
  • "Detail Settings > Alternate Blocks" to On
  • "Detail Settings > Trees" to Smart or Fancy
  • "Performance Settings > Smart Animations" to On
  • "Shaders > Shader Options" and enable any LabPBR format emissive/sub-surface-scattering options

For Fabric/Iris-based mods users, good luck I guess.


Since I've already made posts explaining various common problems with my pack and mediafire, any comments/questions on these matters or things already written in this post will likely be ignored.

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