FREE 5e RELEASE - A Player's Guide to Oerik

Today is a BIG day for us as we release our first 5e Greyhawk Rebooted publication to the wider community under WoTC's fan-created content policy.

Within you will find over 450 pages of new and rebooted material covering the entire continent of Oerik (and Hepmonaland) including the lands beyond the Flanaess.

Included in this massive PDF are:

  • A detailed Greyhawk history covering all of Oerik dating back over 12,000 years
  • Notes on common playable races including many new races and sub-races like the Half-Ogre, new human sub-races for Oeridians, Suloise, Olman, Touv, Suhfeng, etc., gray and valley elves, spirit folk, revised Dragonborn and Tielflings and many more.
  • Tips on fitting existing 5e classes and sub-classes to Oerik along with many new sub-classes like the Shaman barbarian, Travel or Prosperity domain cleric, Sohei fighters, Path of the Marshal paladins, thief-acrobat rogues, Wu Jen wizards and many, many more.
  • New backgrounds and equipment including many new weapons and armour found in western Oerik (i.e. asian-style)
  • Details on the various pantheons and gods across all of Oerik
  • Dozens of new spells from famous mages such as Bigby, Oitluke and Mordenkainen.

A Player's Guide to Oerik is the first of three publications that will be the core of the Greyhawk Rebooted project. A DM's Guide to Oerik and The Oerik Gazetteer will be coming over the next couple of months as we release draft chapters for patron review ahead of the full community release.

Following these core publications, most future releases will be patron-only as we begin expanding the rebooted setting with new one-shot adventures and full campaign adventure paths, new detailed villains, NPCs and group patrons for your campaign; new magic items and artifacts; new spells; new monsters; new and more detailed gazetteer entries and much more.

And while patronage is not required to access this final release of A Player's Guide to Oerik, we wanted to note that it is our Patrons who make all this possible. Your support continues to be immensely appreciated!

If you enjoy A Player's Guide to Oerik, we would certainly appreciate you patronage to help us cover time and costs, even if it is for only a single month. If you cannot afford to contribute, that's fine too.  We are just happy to share 40+ years of imagination in The World of Greyhawk with other fans.

As always, we welcome your feedback, questions and comments.

UPDATE:  For those who'd like to make a one-time donation rather than become a Patron, you should be able to do so at the following link.  We again thank everyone  for your support.


By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts