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SCENICS: Behind-the-Scenes
$5 or more per month 12 patrons
Great Scot! You're serious about fun music, huh? I'm gonna take you behind-the-scenes with bonus podcasts, early versions of songs, and stories from the road.

Your monthly contribution makes a BIG impact on my music business. I'm gonna inveset your money to grow the Gunn Runners community through advertising and live streaming internet concerts. So THANK YOU!


  • Everything above, plus
  • Download My Firefly Album, As Long As I'm Flyin'
  • Download my first solo album Soul of a Harper, plus get St Patrick's Day Songs for Kids and The Bridge. That's SIX albums in all, plus an EP!
  • Early access to new MP3 singles 
  • Exclusive Stories from the Road podcast 
  • Behind-the-Scenes podcasts, pictures, and videos
  • PDF sheet music for some tunes
  • Early mixes and rough demos of new songs 

This is the Best Bang for Your Buck. You'll be amazed with all the bonus content you get!

$10 or more per month 11 patrons
Wow! We are gonna make beautiful music together. Your generosity will go directly towards hiring musicians and studio engineers, creating graphics, and printing physical CDs. You are the backbone of my music. YOU ARE MY HERO!

 You'll get 

  • Everything above, plus 
  • Download 3 Cat Companion Albums
  • Patreon-Only Internet Concerts
  • Bootleg concert recordings
  • Random email surprises!
  • I will follow you on Facebook or Instagram
  • And I'll post a video thank on my Facebook page 

You deserve the best in life. So thank you!

Glorious Patron
$25 or more per month 4 patrons
You are truly GLORIOUS! Thank you for being so giving. You'll get all the previous rewards, plus your name will be included in scrolling credits on official videos.
  • YOUR NAME in the credits of official videos!
  • SPECIAL THANKS to you in each new single that is released.
  • One-time autographed CD of YOUR CHOICE (as available)
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