Free Audiobook
I'm giving all my December patrons at the the $5 and $3 levels a copy of Paul E Cooley's Audible audiobook Closet Treats, narrated by F. Ian DeMaster. Why? Well, because I'm F. Ian DeMaster (grin). 

I narrate professionally but I don't share names of the titles I've worked on because they're spread across various genres and because it would be confusing to try and look up my fiction and see dozens of author's names.

I always loved this story Paul wrote and I was pleased to lend my voice to the production. My name IS listed on the podcast version as narrator, since there's so much crossover in our audiences. When Paul kindly offered me promo codes, I asked ACX for more and now have enough  to thank EVERYONE at both $3 and $5 levels. Your support means so much to me, and I'll keep finding ways to reward and thank you!

Fair warning: 'Closet Treats' is a great story with wonderful characters and I had fun reading it...but it's not for the squeamish. Message me for your free copy! You can also reach Paul at [email protected] to say thanks for having me as narrator, and sending promo codes to get the ball rolling on this!

Stay tuned for more Farlost and Dreams and Light, coming today!