Free Comics TMNT Donnie: His favorite day
  I'm so thrilled, to bring you the final version of my first fan art Tmnt issue in  its finest 300dpi form, all files are now ready for you, but before you  start downloading, maybe it's good idea to take a quick look on, what  do we actually have here...
When it comes to printing... There are Two type of standards for paper, based on your country where you live... options are..

For US citizens there is version: 

For International Users 

File Types:

  • PDF - 300dpi - it's as easy as it can be, open it (*Program Acrobat  Reader), and print it, it's optimized in cmyk colors, directly for your  printer,  if you are  experiencing troubles, don't hesitate to ask for help, save it to your  usb and find your nearest local print-company, they will know what to do  ... :)
  • HQ-RAW-TIFF - uncompressed HighQuality original files, if you are DTP graphic guy or  you want to use it for other things like print-posters / 4color  separation / other customs.. etc..
  • ZIP - Each version and form is packed in zip format for easier download

Extra Tip:
suggested paper weight, background is on quite dark colors, and to do  both side printing - it require more thicker paper than yours usual office supplies papers... 

  • minimal : 120grams 
  • optimal : 160grams 
  • mat version - personal preference / less smudges, no finger prints, + it's easier to read :)

Execution after the print:

Every page contains marks for cut-out, with enough space for manual or machine  trim, guidelines are also included in files (*shortcut for photoshop: "ctrl+;" or "cmd+;" on mac)

  •  bleeding edge: 0,12inch  / 3.22mm 
  •  safe area: 0.25 inch / 6.35mm
  •  live area: 6.12 x 9.68 inch / 15.56 x 24.6 cm
  •  Final size: 6.62 x 10.18 inch / 16.83 x 5.87 cm

Official Signed Release
  There were made only 7 regular and 7 EX-Cover prints - all signed and  only way how to obtain it is through special Public Contest or directly received as a personal gift / reward.. 

This is free fan art comic page dedicated to all Tmnt Fans. Exclusive Cover is available only for Patreon supporters. In future color-variant will be  released for a free-amazon book, if everything will go right and we  will manage to make whole set of stories... *mini series ^_~

And that's it... i hope you will enjoy my comic, its size will fit to  any IDW tmnt series, so you can include it there and store it.. or just  simply insert it into your book or perhaps, give it to your friend  as a present - every tmnt fan will be happy to see such a gift.. at least i know, i would... :) hehehe...

bb & see you soon... ^_~


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