This post will collect together all of the free content available via this Patreon.

There's no obligation to join as a Patron and you don't need to subscribe in any way to enjoy these free maps.

although if you like what you see and want more maps from me, then joining as a Patreon gives you access to every map I've posted here to date as well as all of the new maps that are released while you are a Patron.

Anyway, here are those free maps.

These are the free maps currently available, the Free Map link is a direct image download and the Main Post links will go to the post featuring that map, which may include extra versions like grid free etc. The map links are also attached to the end of this post.

These are collaboration projects involving other TTRPG creators I've been involved with, where the content has been released for free.

There is a LOT of content in each of these, Maps, Adventures, Monsters, Music, Items and more! I'm very happy to have been involved in each, check them out: 

Lease a Lair

The Astral Express Holiday Collaboration

Shards of the Storm

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