FREE FARE FRIDAY - my wedding vows.

My heart is full and overjoyed that so many friends and family came together to witness our wedding. I'm still in shock that, after all the strife, it went off so smoothly, on such a clear and gorgeous day.

Here's my wedding vows to Stacey.  Putting them up here as a reminder to myself, like a life line on a palm.


I remember at the end of our first date, when you stood on top of a bike rack in the West Village, cast your arms open wide, and commanded me to hug you like I meant it.  And with that spirit, I vow to celebrate and honor you fully and in the now, as our imperfect, wonderful selves.  I vow to make manifest and clear my living thoughts, to communicate through open vulnerability, to be a steadfast companion with breadth and intention.  I vow to remove assumption from our lives, to be constantly curious, to ask question after seeking question.  You are the friend and life long partner I've always wanted, and I vow to trumpet your prosperity, to be ever ready with humor and a kind ear to support you through career strife.  I vow to never, ever, ever stop making up long, elaborate puns at midnight, or nonsense songs about hallway hugs.  I vow to start each morning and end each day with gratitude that we're sharing life side by side.