FREE FARE FRIDAY - Poem 'o the month - Thanks

Here's this month's poem prompt from mi mama.


One little text,

and I'm out that 


Fighting my way 

past the stonewall

anxious shivers

keeping me inside,

in bed.  Pressed like

A corpse-feather notched in 

some old, forgotten journal.

You've got thirty-five minutes

and a cracker-jack smile


your small, sneaky 


nearly topples, hungrily 

devours me

in a 

two minute hug.

My friend.

My sunflower.

Before night,

before the coffee's drunk deep

and the subway doors part

you ask,

you ask me:

What do you want?

To be open, I say.

Just to be a body able

to love and savor now,

this blinking now,

without the creeping

panic of a fragile ember

being smote, hope giving way

to wretched heart-rust.