FREE FRIDAY FARE - Ramshackle Talk - "Wednesday"
Key line - ....I feel like Oscar night. Bad teeth and all.

The full title is Wednesday (with apologies to Frank O' Hara). Wrote it around October of 1999. Just a few months into my senior year of college, pumped full of anxious energy. 

Just spent a summer pushing myself in Edinburgh with the Fringe. 

 Poem was a real departure from the formal stuff I'd been writing and how it scans on the page is rather manic. Wanted to capture the tone and language of a city-scape narration the way 'O Hara did with New York. It's literally a Wednesday walking to rehearsal for Arthur Miler's THE AMERICAN CLOCK from my apartment. 

Rooming with my dear friend Joe Hogan, Had just started teaching myself guitar, and that somehow convinced a director that I could also play piano. So, I had just a few weeks to learn how to bang away at the keys. And, because the theatre gods are besides themselves with laughter at times, the sweet and talented actress I had just asked out weeks ago (and was politely turned down) was now playing my romantic interest in the show. (she's the one who's name checked in the poem killing the ants with a script)At the time, it was the closest approximation on paper of how my mind worked. My behavior. My odd little tics and greeting of plants and buildings. Musing on question after question. 

Five months after I wrote this, I submitted a final draft to the National Library of Poetry for a college contest. When I won, I was gobsmacked. Did you know that you can sometimes get paid thousands of dollars to write poems? Damn near broke my brain. Before that point, I'd gotten resigned to just accepting my mediocrity and continued to write and pick new forms to stretch myself. 

 But yeah, here's today's question for you. Answer below - would you rather be a tessellation or a mosaic, and why? Explain your answer.