[Free] Game Notes - Milwaukee at Utah 08 November 2019

I'm testing this out for my Patrons -- game notes, with video. 

When I watch a game on Synergy, I create a new list of videos, starting at 1 and ending with however many videos there are, and correspond those numbers to my notes, so I can easily go back and find certain plays, etc. It struck me recently that this might be interesting for my Patrons to see, so I've created another test version of this post, this time for the fourth quarter of a game between Milwaukee and Utah from about five weeks ago.

As you go through the notes, you can correspond the note number to the number in the bottom left corner of the video.

The notes are below, and the link to the video is here: https://youtu.be/M192ALbPGcs


Utah up 81-74 to begin the fourth quarter.

1 - UTH small-small PnR with Conley screening for Mitchell. Conley pops, DiVincenzo is a bit late, which opens up the drive-and-dump to Gobert for a dunk.

2 - Same thing next time down. UTH seems to want to go after DiVincenzo. Lopez helps out of the short corner, but it's Gobert so it's fine. Sure would be nice if Gobert even had a 12-foot jumper he could reasonably hit so Lopez couldn't leave him, but he doesn't and Mitchell has to force it up through multiple guys. Good cut from Jeff Green to get to the glass when Middleton also crashed down to help on Mitchell's drive.

3 - UTH in their normal over-drop coverage to protect the rim. Gobert has come out for Tony Bradley (!), who is the team's backup 5 now that Ed Davis is out with a broken leg. Bradley's playing about 13 mpg in Davis's absence over the last few games.

4 - MIL Chest Double Hi. Chest screen, but instead of going to the wing, Middleton and Lopez step up into ball screens on either side for Hill. Middleton pops/flares behind Lopez's screen after Hill goes his way, then attacks the switch and scores over Conley.

Sterling Brown already has a couple of opportunistic offensive rebounds in the first 2.5 minutes of the quarter.

And another one for Brown on the next possession in transition to draw a foul.

5 - Not sure if this also would count as "Veer" action, but Bradley slips the ball screen for Conley and sets a down screen for Bogdanovic to come out of the left corner to attack.

6 - MIL Pistol Cross. Pistol DHO to DiVincenzo, then Hill sets the cross screen for a Middleton post-up.

Gobert returns for UTH.

7 - UTH Horns Hairpin. Bogdanovic sets a half-hearted ball screen from one elbow in Horns, then rolls to the rim. Conley takes that screen, then hits Gobert near the top of the key, just inside the three-point line. Bogdanovic wheels around when he gets to the rim and takes the hairpin DHO from Gobert and attacks. His shooting prowess makes this a very difficult action to defend.

After the Bogdanovic bucket, MIL is going to go with Antetokounmpo at the 5 against Gobert. Bledsoe Hill Brown and DiVincenzo with Antetokounmpo on the floor for MIL, a VERY small lineup. UTH has Mitchell O'Neale Ingles Bogdanovic and Gobert, a much bigger lineup.

8 - Bledsoe-Antetokounmpo PnR, Gobert lays back as expected, Antetokounmpo gets the pocket pass and just misses the layup. Gobert never really contests, Antetokounmpo just misses.

9 - UTH Horns Flare, but bad comms for MIL as Hill thinks it's a switch and DiVincenzo doesn't, leaving Mitchell open for a drive. Great rim protection from Antetokounmpo (Mitchell should have dumped back to Gobert, but he didn't), and a good crash in from Brown to tap the rebound out. Another really solid "little things" play from Brown down the stretch.

10 - UTH 4-5-1 PnR to get Bogdanovic handling against Hill, but he misses the stepback 3.

11 - Nice sneaky boxout/screen by Gobert to make sure that Antetokounmpo couldn't fully contest O'Neale's drive to the rim.

Conley returns for Ingles. Middleton is in for DiVincenzo, but the Bucks are staying small without either Lopez on the floor. Switching everything.

A few plays later, DiVincenzo replaces Hill, I guess to get more size out there? But DiVincenzo can't defend anybody right now. Hill comes right back in after a couple possessions.

12 - MIL Ram Spain. Hill-Antetokounmpo-Middleton. Well-defended by UTH but Hill sneaks in for the OREB. Bledsoe attacks and Gobert gets the DREB, then Antetokounmpo fouls him reaching for the ball well after he controlled it. Antetokounmpo had a bad foul against Bogdanovic the play before as well, so that's two cheap ones he picked up.

13 - Interesting set from UTH here. As Bogdanovic "exits" from left corner, Conley-Gobert side PnR on the left, but then Bogdanovic hovers under the rim and then he has the option to come out behind a Gobert down screen or keep going behind two down screens on the right side. Goes with Gobert, then runs a quick side PnR with him. Really poor finish, though, as Bogdanovic has basically no vertical explosion on this play and gets blocked at the rim by Middleton rotating over.

Another cheap foul for Antetokounmpo, this one a dubious push-off in transition. Conley flopped hard, got the call. Antetokounmpo's arm was out but not enough to push Conley like that. Three cheap fouls on Antetokounmpo this quarter.

14 - Middleton helps out of the strong corner on Mitchell's drive and this time Mitchell actually makes the easy pass and O'Neale hits the 3.

15 - Up 6 with 2:00 left, UTH are mostly in prevent offense to waste time. Another Mitchell-Bogdanovic ball screen, Mitchell attacks and kicks out to the corner for a Conley 3, which misses. Antetokounmpo has to rotate onto Mitchell, so Bledsoe rotates down to box out Gobert, leaving Conley open in the corner. Nice pass from Mitchell. Gobert gets away with a push-off on the rebound.

16 - Mitchell tries to draw the foul, doesn't, but hits the shot anyway. 100-92 with about 1:40 left and this game is very close to over.

17 - MIL Wedge, with Antetokounmpo as the 5 setting the screen for Middleton. Middleton goes for the foul by jumping into O'Neale, but doesn't get the call. Gobert rebound, but he turns it over trying to clear his lines. Bledsoe scores to cut the lead to 6.

18 - UTH in prevent offense again. Conley-Bogdanovic PnP late in the clock, Conley attacks, finds Gobert on the cut when Antetokounmpo steps up to challenge him at the rim, and Antetokounmpo has to foul Gobert for his fourth foul of the quarter and sixth for the game. Really could argue that Antetokounmpo was vertical and that he shouldn't have been called for a foul here, but it's a really tough call in that spot for the official. Frankly, Antetokounmpo deserves it after at least two really cheap fouls he picked up earlier this quarter.

Korver replaces Antetokounmpo, as MIL is down and they need offense on the floor.

Gobert misses both, giving MIL life.

19 - Bledsoe takes the missed FT rebound and goes coast to coast to cut the lead to 4. Good push from him.

20 - MIL immediately attacks Korver with an O'Neale ball screen for Mitchell, but Korver and Hill trap and get the turnover. People always underestimate Korver's length as he knocks the ball away from Mitchell. Jump ball, MIL wins, Brown immediately attacks and scores to cut the lead to 2 with 30 seconds left.

21 - UTH attacks with Mitchell-Bogdanovic ball screen, Mitchell turns the corner, kicks out to Conley, back up to the top to Bogdanovic, who misses the three. Gobert is called for a foul on the rebound, an over-the-back-breaker to send Middleton to the line with 8 seconds left. He hits both to tie the game at 100.

22 - UTH calls their second-to-last timeout to set up their game-winning play. Mitchell catches deep in his own territory and attacks Hill one-on-one, but Hill strips him and calls an immediate timeout. Fantastic defensive play from Hill.

23 - MIL takes their last timeout to set up THEIR game-winner with 2.3 seconds left. A good SLOB from MIL: Middleton screens for Lopez to go to the corner, but then Lopez wheels around and re-screens for Middleton to make the same cut to the near corner. Gobert makes a GREAT read to see it coming and gets over there to deny the shot altogether and Middleton travels to turn the ball over. 1.3 seconds is put on the clock after a review and UTH takes their last timeout to set up ANOTHER chance at a game-winner.

24 - Bogdanovic and Gobert screen for Mitchell to come to the top, the MIL defense sorta shifts with him, with Middleton (guarding Bogdanovic) staying topside on Bogdanovic. Bogdanovic cuts to the empty near corner and hits the 3 to win the game.

Key takeaways:

On the final two plays, that near corner is open. It's become a trendy spot for game-winning attempts: Korkmaz hit one for PHI from there, Middleton and Bogdanovic both in this game, Hardaway in the DAL-NYK game tonight made a similar shot late in that game. Might see defensive teams station their on-ball defender to shade toward that corner and force the pass toward the middle of the floor, where there are more defenders.

Gobert was great defensively, as expected. Antetokounmpo had a number of awesome verticality plays at the rim, but picked up a couple of crappy fouls he shouldn't have, reaching in on Bogdanovic and Gobert in low-reward situations.

UTH's offense was a lot of small-small ball screens to attack the right matchup, since MIL was small and going normal 1-5 or 2-5 PnR meant running into Antetokounmpo. Maybe they could have run some Ram screen action to try to get Antetokounmpo off Gobert, but he still would have been rotating to protect the rim.

MIL's offense bogged down as well, even their late comeback was mostly based on scoring on broken plays. Ugly game overall. More playcalls and such in the earlier part of the quarter before the teams started playing the clock a bit more.

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