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Hello everyone,

Vasyl Park here. Good day to everyone hope everyone is doing well. Well its about that time to start the very first give away contest.

The Prize up for grabs is five free copies of my first novel "Immortal Presage: Dark Prophecy" these copies are bookstubs for an E-book format. At a later date I will be holding another contest for signed physical copies of the book.

Now for the contest rules.

The goal is to create a boss encounter that you could find in MAO. With one to two paragraphs, design the; mechanics of the fight, look and attacks of the boss. Then in Dark Souls fashion, create the description for core that contains the Soul of the boss, and 3 to 5 items that can be made from it's soul; weapons, shields, armor, and/or accessories. The goal is to try to tell a story.


Kulu of the Pyre Forest:

- Core containing the soul of Kulu of the Pyre Forest. Kulu was tainted by the curse and it began to accumulate in the body of the peaceable fairy. Kulu was devoured whole by the curse, falling into madness. Use to create something of value and worth. - Core of Kulu.

- Tattered robes of Kulu that increase intelligence, and insight at the cost of reduced resistance to insanity, magic and spirit Artes. Kulu never wore anything other than these robes. These robes made from the Pyre Plant is said to allow one to see deeper into the world fissure that separates this realm from the next. - Robes of Pyre Heartwood. (Armor: Light)

- Bronze mirror used by Kulu. The mirror a symbol of true representations. On the Front of the Mirror is the depiction of the fissure that separates the spirit realm from the afterlife. Kulu used this mirror to peer further into void. Those that image of that reflection have vanished as if they were spirited away. [Skill - Phantasmal Deliria: Use Insight to Summon ghostly vestiges]. - Interstice Spirit Mirror. (Weapon - Misc: Mirror)

- Special ring born of the deep crystals and supreme curse warding enchantments. This ring was presented to the Marquis of Ferisher who bore a great and heavy responsibility, by the Fairy King. Yllzythe gave his friend this ring as a symbol of their friendship and in hopes that it would protect his friend who was constantly putting himself at risk.  Noble Ferisher's Signet Ring. (Accessories: Ring)

- Kulu born in the Pyre Woods, devoted himself to studying the arcane and incorporeal, this being a great risk in the curse laden kingdom. Kulu sought to find the source of the curse and seal it; no matter the risk. Perhaps this is what lead to his eventual descent into madness, for he was already half-way there. - Pyre Wood Catalyst. (Weapon - Magical: Catalyst)


- Armor of Yllzythe, Captain of the Band of the Night Kobold. Yllzythe pledged himself and his men to the king's service. Yllzythe was given honors and rights of a Marquis. Yllzythe was given orders by the King and Carried them out dutifully. - Armor of Yllzythe (Armor: Medium)

- Sword of Yllzythe, Marquis of Ferishers. Yllzythe had a dear friend and battle compatriot. After the curse, had befallen the land, Yllzythe attempted to save his friend but failed Miserably. - Yllzythe's Wave-Blade Sword. (Weapon - Sword: Dual Edged Sword)


The top five will receive the codes for the book stubs and will be featured in future chapters and/or books of MAO (to the winners, I will let you know approximately when your boss will appear in MAO), with a special section thanking you for your contributions. The winners will also be free to ask me any question, and I will answer truthfully and honestly. The questions could be about MAO or any other story or content; present, future, planned or otherwise.

All entries can be submitted either to the email: [email protected], this post on WordPress or Pateron. The deadline for this contest will be in about one month from today, on June 15 2017.

To those of you who win, to redeem the bookstub you have to go to the Iuniverse website, then enter the code that I will send to the winners and choose which format of the book you want and download the copy. For Kindle users; the copy of the book won't appear immediately in your library. To make it appear in you Library you have to email a copy of the book to your kindle email (check you Amazon account and look for an email that ends in and then it will be available for download to any Kindle device. 

Click this link to go to my WordPress page.

Use this address to submit the code.

Good luck to everyone. Best of luck.

Vasyl Out.

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