Free Map Monday - Druid Meat, Foes to Beat: Samhain Surprise, Map 3
On Halloween each year, the children of Yellowbrick like to dress up as goblins and go trick-or-treating. A vicious tribe of goblins have learned of this strange human custom, and plan to use the opportunity to sneak into town for a little entertainment of their own. But they are not the only interlopers; an evil druid plans to unleash his monstrous creations on the helpless children of Yellowbrick, not realizing that the real children have been kept safely at home. For tonight, only real monsters walk the streets, and they are about to give each other a nasty surprise.

This is the final Map in the Samhain Surprise series that will all tie into +Richard Woolcock's Free Halloween One Sheet for The Saga of the Goblin Horde Samhain Surprise! Get it HERE.

Go back and get the first two maps:

Map 1: Silent Street, Trick or Treat!
Map 2: Meet and Greet, Swift Retreat!

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