Free Mjolnir Pendants This Month

We are really excited to try to reach our first goal on Patreon!

At $100/month, we will be able to afford some maintenance on our
working computer, and help pay for the overhead required to keep the
magazine up and running. In order to push for that goal, we’re offering limited edition hand made Mjolnir pendants to all our patrons who sign up in September.

These photos have been color corrected to try to best represent the colors of the polymer clay. Each pendant is unique and hand made.

These will be sent to all patrons who sign up to support us in the
month of September. We’ll also make some for those of you who signed up
with us at launch. This means if you signed up in August, you’re getting one too!

We are not sculpters, but we hope that you will enjoy these trinkets and the love and fun that goes into making them!

Click here to sign up for our Patreon and claim your mjolnir today!