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I confess, in the title I initially wanted to call Dodon 'The Trump of E. Europe.' In many ways he is like Trump: he was brought to power by people's vote, despite powers that be who were in staunch opposition; he tries to implement change in direct opposition to the parliament and elites, not to mention the US and EU. But he also doesn't act like Trump in many ways. Where there is conflict he seeks peaceful resolution and reconciliation, where there is a problem he personally tries to find a good compromise and mutually profitable solution. He doesn't start wars, he loves Russia and is proud of having been born in the USSR; he is tough on the West and he wants Moldova to join Eurasian Union. 

Unlike Trump, and much like Putin, he tends to surprise on the upside. He does things beyond what anyone expects of him, and this is the true mark of a leader. 

In many ways, such as desire for cooperation instead of confrontation, peaceful tendencies and pragmatic approach, working quietly and steadily on the country's future, despite having to withstand constant threats and opposition from oligarchy and elites, current president of Moldova Igor Dodon reminds me of Putin in the beginning of his tenure as Russia's president. 

MOLDOVA ELECTIONS Lada Ray Feb 11, 2019 Update

Parliamentary elections in Moldova sneaked up quietly. They take place on February 24, 2019 and they are more important than most realize. These elections will essentially decide which way Moldova will turn in the next few years, towards Russia or the West. 

This map shows Moldova (or Moldavia). The long sliver on the left is the breakaway, pro-Russian and Russian-supported Pridnestrovie (Transnistria), which was the only industrialized area of the Moldavian SSR. Near the bottom is Gagauzia, the autonomous republic within Moldova, populated with Russian Orthodox Turkic language people. Gagauzia has its separate special relationship with Russia, and it proclaimed that it will secede and join Russia if Moldova is absorbed by Romania/EU. Gagauzia remains a balancing factor within Moldova, not allowing it to become absorbed by Romania.

Despite a small size and economic weakness of Moldova, its super-important geopolitical position between Russian Pridnestrovie, Ukraine and Romania/Balkans makes Moldova a big prize, true harbinger of change and a swing state bar none! The Moldavian choice may influence Ukraine, post-Soviet Space, the Balkans and Europe! At the very minimum it will influence the Russian-leaning Odessa and Southeast of Ukraine. For Russia, Moldova suddenly became an important country, as relations with Ukraine soured. How important is evident from the number of times in the past couple of years Moldova's President Dodon has been in Moscow, meeting with Putin, Medvedev, Gazprom's Alexey Miller, and participating in international forums at Russian government's invitation. 

Dodon is known not only for his firm desire for Moldova to become a part of the Customs Union with Russia through Eurasian Union, but also for his balanced, pragmatic and practical approach to Moldova's affairs. He wants Moldova to be a bridge between EU and Russia, but rejects Euro-integration, saying that no one needs Moldovan agricultural produce in Europe, where there is an overabundance of its own cheese, wine, grapes, plums and apples. Russia is Moldova's traditional market, which was developed through centuries of living and working together. This is in addition to the natural affinity through Orthodox Church, common history, Russian culture and language. Out of over 3 million country's citizens, anywhere between 700,000 and 1 million live and work in Russia. Moldova adds billions of dollars annually to its GDP through the money sent back from Russia by migrant workers. Moldova's small and already weak economy cannot survive without this inflow of cash. 

Igor Dodon comes from a long tradition of farmers and his family owns vineyards. Therefore, losing Russian market hits close to home.  

Dodon has also been known for his consistent work in favor of re-establishment of good relations with estranged breakaway Pridnestrovie, attempting to broker peace and reconciliation. He personally met with leaders of Pridnestrovie, first president to voluntarily do so since conflict broke out and the rift occurred in the beginning of 1990s. 

I want to emphasize that people on both sides speak the same Russian and Moldavian languages, and seemingly, there should be no problem communicating. But the divide-and-conquer approach practiced by Romania, EU and US, coupled with aggressive attitude towards Pridnestrovie by Moldova's own sold-out political class and oligarchy, made it impossible to talk for years. Dodon's peacemaking initiatives, which so far resulted in small, incremental improvements only, have not gone unnoticed in Russia. 

He gets high marks from me, as well. I should add that this tucked away and seemingly forgotten region of the world, with its lovely, peaceful nature and kind, hard-working people, is something I know intimately since childhood. Its fate is important to me, like it's important to Russia. 

But Dodon's pragmatic and sensible approach is not what opposing him pro-EU/West forces want to hear. For several years, as I predicted in Earth Shift Report 8, Moldova existed in a state of an uneasy equilibrium, a stalemate where the oligarchy, prime minister and parliament were in direct and tough confrontation against President Dodon and the people. But this may change in February 2019! If it doesn't change completely, the upcoming parliamentary election is a guarantee that a giant step forward will be made. 

For years, the situation in Moldova has been much like in the neighboring Ukraine. But it began in Moldova a lot earlier, and by the time Ukraine got seriously sick with Russophobia and lack of reason, Moldova has already begun recovering.  

The results of a Moldavian poll (Dec 2018) tell us a very interesting story: if elections were held today, there would be four parties in the parliament. The rest won't get through the 6% threshold. Socialist Party of the sitting president Igor Dodon would get 35.6% (wants better relations and Customs Union with Russia). Three neolibreal pro-Romania/EU parties, who will likely form a coalition to misplace the president and his party and to prevent them from forming a majority: 13.2%, 9.4% and 6.9%, or less than 30% altogether. The rest of the votes has to be distributed between four winning parties, and that gives Dodon's party the necessary majority to form the government.  


В случае проведения парламентских выборов в ближайшее воскресенье в законодательный орган страны прошли бы четыре формирования - Партия социалистов, Демократическая партия, Партия "Действие и солидарность" и Партия "Платформа Достоинство и правда".

Таковы результаты нового исследования, подготовленного Ассоциацией социологов и демографов РМ, пишет Так, по данным опроса, ПСРМ набрала бы - 35,6%, ДПМ - 13,2%, ПДС - 9,4%. ППДП - 6,9%.


Poll results (Rus)

Moldavian Election (Wikipedia)

Chisinau, the building of the Parliament


The system in Moldova is such that the parliament is omnipotent, while president is weak. The constitution is constantly overridden by the parliament. And the parliament is in the pocket of the country's sole big oligarch Plakhotnyuk and the US/Romania installed elites.  

Previous parliamentary elections resulted in Dodon's Party of Socialists being robbed of quite a few seats, after winning. Moldova's constitution was re-written after the 2000s color revolution, which brought to power the pro-Romania/EU forces. According to the post-color revolution law, president of the country was not elected by direct popular vote, but installed by the parliament. The real power was in the hands of the prime minister, also nominated by the winning party(ies). 

The constitution was written by 'specialists' from the US and Romania, in order to keep the majority of pro-West forces in the parliament and government. And it worked for a time. 

The corrupt and sold-out elites, until recently, did whatever they wanted with the country. Until Igor Dodon and his Party of Socialists became strong enough to call their bluff. The scandal with Dodon's party being robbed of its victory by the collusion of pro-Romania/EU parties pissed off the population. What angered the people even more was the brazenly stolen $1 bln from the empty coffers of this poor country. This $1 bln constituted up to 1/3 of the country's annual budget. 

The anger was so great that masses of people came out on streets demanding a change in law. The popular demand was for president to again be elected by a direct democratic vote. Much like in Germany, where chancellor isn't elected by the people but is named by the ruling party, in Moldova the president was a pocket figure, appointed by the parliamentary majority. And this, in Moldova's reality meant that he would invariably be a puppet of the oligarchy and US/Romanian interests. 

People's protests were so forceful that the sold-out elites got scared, the law was changed, and as a result lgor Dodon was elected by a simple popular majority vote. However, as you'll see below, the elites found a loophole, which they abuse. Moldova's president is regularly sabotaged and prevented from performing hid duties in the most blatantly illegal way. His power is being clipped dramatically by those forces who want to continue confrontation with Russia and who, despite the popular resistance, want Moldova to be absorbed by Romania. 

The upcoming election will be a big fight in the continued clash of the two sides. Dodon has been slowly and gradually gaining momentum. But the problems, as you'll see below, come not just from the neoliberal/right-wing side, but also from those who should seemingly be together with Dodon. That said, the general dynamics is in Dodon's favor. 

This report combines geopolitics, predictions and calibrations. 

Much of what is said here will be in my upcoming Book: 


(Superpowers, Global Organizations, Countries, Leaders, Armies, Economies, Solvency, Sovereignty!)  


Corroborating headlines:

Moldova turns from EU to Russia (Putin meets Dodon) 

Moldova President says 'serious about further integration with EAEU'

Moldova can become bridge between EU, EAEU, Moldavian President Igor Dodon 





The simple truth is: Moldova succumbed to the Dark State means Russia the Great Balancer is deprived of part of its power, which in turn slows down the Earth Shift. 

It's important to talk about this, even though there are seemingly many bigger events brewing. Anyone hardly looks at Moldova, as one of the smallest and poorest countries of Europe. But what's quietly happening there is monumental in its Earth Shifting significance! And there's no one better than me to tell you about it, since (as some of you may know) I grew up between Moscow, Odessa, Pridnestrovie and Moldova, the latter two literally being my summer vacation backyard, where a lot of my family lived and which I loved dearly. 

I've been monitoring the events in Moldova, Pridnestrovie and Odessa since 1991, and especially since Kiev Maidan of 2014. As you may know, in the past five years I've written several Moldova/Pridnestrovie articles on FT, and recorded a video podcast on Lada Ray YouTube. The major Moldova analysis is part of my special Earth Shift Report 8, dedicated to this very interesting, convoluted for most, and largely unknown region of the world. 

I haven't talked about Moldova for a while, although I always watch it closely. The difficulty with analyzing or predicting Moldova, as well as Pridnestrovie and Odessa events, is that there is very little information seeping through the existing barriers. What little is available is very much biased and one-sided. We have a lot more good intel coming in regarding Ukraine, Kiev and Donbass, therefore, it's a lot easier to reconcile the full picture, but even there the confusion created on purpose, to muddy the waters, is growing. It takes a while to discern the truth. But luckily, direct from Moldova I have my own, highly credible analytical sources. 

That beautiful, yet remote, north-western Black Sea, Danube and Dnestr estuary region, which historically is always tucked away in someone's backyard, seems to routinely be bypassed. The reason is, people living there are hard-working, down-to-earth and easy, and they do everything very quietly. They don't like to bother others, and they don't like to be bothered. It's a very yin place. As a rule... 

But ever since Moldova, much like Ukraine, became the playground for foreign ambitions to break-up and destroy the Russian World, it has become extremely politicized and the situation is resembling a stalemate when no side is able to move forward. In 2015-16 I predicted the Moldova government vs. Dodon/people stalemate would last at least until the end of 2018 (see Earth Shift Report 8 and relevant FT articles, where I talked about previous elections, how US and Romania interfered and how Igor Dodon party was robbed of its parliamentary victory). The stalemate has gone exactly as predicted. 

Now that Moldova is in its new election cycle, I foresee that a shift in the balance of power in Moldova is coming! And that will be huge news for the Earth Shift! 


Moldova is considered one of the poorest countries of Europe. 

The population is about equal parts Moldavian, Russian and Ukrainian, with different minorities present, such as the Gypsies, Jews, Bulgarians and a large minority of Gagauzs (Christian Turkic people). 

Most Russians, Ukrainians, Bulgarians and Gagauzs are pro-Russian. It's hard to say what's happening among the Moldavian population, due to the lack of credible data. I can only say that many Moldavians hold Romanian passports, because this gives them access to much richer labor markets of the EU. How many of them actually want to be absorbed by Romania and cease existing as a country is unclear. I have seen credible data suggesting that more and more Moldavians are remembering their roots as part of the big Russian World and fewer and fewer see themselves at part of Romania and EU. Generally, traitors exist in any ethnicity, as we presently see in Ukraine, as do heroes and patriots (in the best sense of the word). 

In the stalemate situation that developed in Moldova, Igor Dodon, the undisputed leader of the Socialist Party (not to be confused with the fake socialists of Europe!) is a hero. And the villain of the story is the one and only major oligarch of Moldova Vladimir Plahotniuc. But if he didn't try so desperately to become 'Romanicized,' he'd spell his clearly Ukrainian name this way: Plahotnyuk. 

Plahotnyuk is mafia incarnate and when in the past you've heard about 'Russian mafia,' it was usually the Moldavian, Ukrainian, Georgian or some other Caucasus mafia, the members of which spoke Russian. But people like Plahotnyuk promptly forget their mother tongue and their motherland as well, the moment greed comes into effect. So did Plahotnyuk, who sold out his country to the US, EU and Romania. He manged to take over the entire commerce, parliament and government of Moldova. Every single vote in the parliament and move by the government is controlled by him, even if he keeps himself more or less in the shadows. I wrote a couple of years ago about the missing billion from the measly budget of Moldova. Plahotnyuk and his cronies simply stole a large chunk of the country's annual budget and siphoned it offshore. Despite common knowledge of his misdeeds, Plahotnyuk was never prosecuted and he remains a deputy of the country's parliament, having found a sole fall guy to send to jail.  

Plahotnyuk is protected by the entire police force and political establishment, whom he feeds of his table, in exchange for loyalty. He remains the secret (maybe not so secret any more) agent of the US/Romania, along with others who receive lavish benefits for selling out their people. Now Moldavian elites, who've done so much wrong to their country, are also tied by blood. They know that if they allow Dodon and his party to win fair and square, they will have to stand trial and answer for their deeds, much like it would be the case of Poroshenko and Kiev elites in the neighboring Ukraine. 

The other force, which used to be huge, is the 'Communist Party.' It presided over the 'independent' Moldova as a country between 1991 and 2008, when the color revolution swept its head, Vladimir Voronin, out of power. Voronin, one of the fakes and traitors I am talking about, ceded power and became one of the puppets of the West, basically selling his country, just like Plahotnyuk. I wrote in ESR8 that Voronin's switch took place as a result of CIA blackmail; Voronin, a fake communist and one of the oligarchs, had lots of skeletons in his closet, together with his mafiosi son who resides in the US.  

In 2008 the so-called 'Communist Party,' formerly the most popular in Moldova, betrayed the country and as a result, it lost much of its power. Igor Dodon rebelled against the corruption and left the party, taking with him a large chunk of dissatisfied members and forming the new Socialist Party. Within several years, it rose to rival and then supersede the latter. 

On the proverbial 'left' we also have 'Nasha Partia' by Renato Usatiy, another minor oligarch and one of the characters in ESR8. This party worked closely with Dodon at first, but because of Usatuy's personal issues and ambitions, along with his prosecution in Moldova, they are now at odds. I wrote about this in ESR8: powers that be successfully orchestrated a rift between Usatuy and Dodon in order to weaken Socialists, so that to prevent Dodon's meaningful parliamentary victory. This in turn was necessary to prevent the country from shifting towards a union with Russia. 

Due to the highly polarized situation, if Dodon had the votes of Nasha Partia and others on the left, he would win and his party would be able to form the parliament majority. But the way the whole system is constructed, it's possible for Plahotnyuk and his cronies to manipulate the final vote for their benefit. 

Despite the odds stacked against him, Dodon was able to easily win previous presidential election to become the president of Moldova. This tells us where the sympathies of Moldavians actually lie, regardless of the official statistics. 

**I found this Facebook page of Igor Dodon (Lang: Russian and Moldavian)**

But this was only small part of the battle. Due to the rivalry and self-sabotage of various so-called 'left-wing' parties, Socialists were left alone in the parliament. Meantime, the right-wing pro-Romania/US/EU parties, which all are 100% Russophobic, formed a coalition. Despite Socialists winning that coalition stole the election, forming the majority government. 

And even this was nothing, compared to the coup that followed! Knowing that President Dodon would veto any pro-US, pro-NATO and anti-Russian bills, the parliament and government began acting in an openly anti-constitutional manner, in order to manipulate the outcome. 

Every time President Dodon tried to sign a bill that would be favorable for trade and relations with Russia and EAEU, or every time he tried to reject any bill that would be harmful to Moldova's sovereignty, parliament would usurp Dodon's responsibilities, remove him from power for thirty minutes or so, pass the bill they wanted in that window of time, and then restore Dodon as nominal president. This insanity,  masquerading as 'Western democracy,' went on since 2016, and the only way to stop it is to elect a different parliament, which would not be controlled by Plahotnyuk and Pro-Romania/US parties. 

Everyone in Moldova, EU and US knows about what's going on. But the population of Moldova is helplessly watching, and it's common knowledge that the US/EU have orchestrated the whole thing for their benefit, in order to keep Moldova, same way as Ukraine, away from Russia. 

The only hope of change is for socialists to win next elections so decisively that they can form the government on their own. Good news: based on the latest polls, the support for socialists is growing and it stands at 49-50%, a huge increase. Also, fewer and fewer people believe in the EU and fewer yet want to be absorbed by Romania. Meantime, more and more people are interested in closer ties with Russia and what they call 'customs union' with EAEU. 

But of course, Plohotnyuk and US/Romania are not sitting idle. They are preparing a major falsification during elections. Absolutely no one in Moldova believes the country's ruling elites and their foreign masters will allow elections to be fair. This is why citizens are mobilizing to watch each polling station and the vote counting as hawks. 

The situation in Moldova is very much resembling the situation with the US elections 2016 and Trump's unlikely victory. As you may recall, Trump's victory and the following events were predicted by me with 100% accuracy. (See ESR16, ESW1 and my 12/15/16 YT video podcast on Trump. Also see - scroll down for videos.)

Igor Dodon, being completely tied up inside the country, akin to that insidious Trump's 'straitjacket' I'd warned about, has used this time very productively on the international arena. He flew to Russia to meet with various politicians, ministers and captains of industry almost every month. He met repeatedly with Putin, who invited Dodon to major international forums and high profile events, to which Moldavian presidents would normally never get an invitation. 

Putin meets with Igor Dodon during the Eurasian Union Summit, where Moldova under Dodon became an official observer, something vehemently opposed by Moldovan pro-West government and parliament. 

Putin (right center) and Igor Dodon (right), plus presidents of Kazakhstan (left) and Kyrgyzstan (left center) at combined EAEU and CSTO summit Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Dodon's Moldova becomes official EAEU observer at latest summit

Dodon participates in EAEU summit in Bishkek as observer (second from right, next to Putin)

 Moldovan president asking Gazprom for...

Dodon and Alexei Miller, Gazprom CEO

All this has been an important show of support for all those in Moldova who want close ties with Russia to be restored. We are talking half of the country, and likely much more than half, despite what the falsified polls say. Putin and Russian government's support has shown the people of Moldova that Dodon is valued, and this is increasing his support inside the country. 


Another stalemate is between Moldova and the breakaway Pridnestrovie. 

Pridnestrovie used to be the richest and most industrialized part of the Moldavian SSR, but after the USSR broke up, Pridnestrovie seceded after the treasonous government of now independent Moldova made moves to become absorbed by Romania. 


The movement to be absorbed by Romania still exists in Moldova, but fewer and fewer people want it. The momentum is gone, and I can tell you that it will never happen.

The overall direction is clearly to pull somewhat back from Romania; it's also away from the West. The old agenda was artificially imposed on Moldova, taking advantage of Moldova's and Russia's temporary weakness, in order to separate, or worse, destroy the affinity between various parts of the Russian World. That agenda had temporarily almost succeeded, but now it's failing. And this is just the beginning! More movement away from the EU and rebalancing closer to Russia and EAEU is forecast for Moldova for years to come. 

It'll be gradual and slow, because, like Ukraine and Serbia, Moldova constitutes one of the western-most flanks of the Russian World. These western-most flanks are the most compromised. But the process is irreversible. 

What's more, I agree with Dodon and many sane people in Moldova. This small country can potentially become a productive bridge between EU and Russia/EAEU. This can happen, if people think in terms of cooperation and working together, not in terms of confrontation and 'what's in it for me.'

The fact that Dodon thinks that way is testament to his wisdom and clear vision. It is the same vision and wisdom that made Vladimir Putin the beloved Russian leader and the No.1 political figure on the planet.

Igor Dodon is a lone warrior, one against sold-out elites, traitors and jealous ex-friends, who has the support of the people, no matter how much he is maligned from both right and left. 


What I'll say here is based on my cutting-edge work on QUANTUM CALIBRATIONS and my bestselling private written consultation: Multidimensional Quantum Calibration Report. All this can be found on

IGOR DODON, Moldova President, Head of the Party of Socialists

Personal Calibrations



And now, watch this! I'll calibrate Dodon's Third Chakra (Power Vortex) and Heart Chakra (Balancing Vortex) and you'll see exactly where his stamina and courage come from! 

Third Chakra (Power)

QC     410 - REASON


Heart Chakra (Balance)



As we see, these are very high calibrations, confirming what I said before: the man has the makings of a true leader of his sovereign country, he has the potential of carrying his country on his shoulders and rebuilding it from scratch, much like Putin did for Russia. He can be trusted and his heart is in the right place, a very rare thing among country leaders. 

Multidimensional Profile & Soul Mission:

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We had discussed some of this in the 'World's 8 Most Powerful People.' Depending on the soul level, some people have one or two important public missions, and some just personal missions. But higher and bigger souls often have multiple global soul missions; some sign up for more than others. 

Igor Dodon is simultaneously a Person-Bridge, Super-Grid Holder & Memory Keeper.

He is also an EARTH KEEPER, one of the three highest soul mission designations.

He is a 5th Dimension soul.

He is an Oversoul, not as huge as Putin or Xi Jinping of course, but an oversoul nevertheless, which is why he possesses such high personal and staying powers, and enjoys more than usual trust and support from his people. This kind of oversoul agrees to project out publicly and always be out there, among the people. (This may not suit those of us, who love our privacy.) 

He is an Earthly Soul, with very low karma, at only 12, on my 100 point Karmic Weight Scale. And this minimizes the issues he needs to work out for himself in this lifetime, which frees up his power and energy to help people and his country. This is what makes him so surprisingly effective and lends him so much staying power against all enemies and odds! 




Superpowers, Global Organizations, Countries, Leaders, Armies, Economies, Solvency, Sovereignty 

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